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Once you are tagged,Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Starting time:

Nur Zahin Bin Mohamad Saat

Nur Izyan, Nur Fatin, Nuril, Khalis, Alwin Sufi (sgt cumey)

Nur Afnan n Mohammad Awad

Eye Color:
Black eye peace!! (*_*)

Shoe size:
ntah ek, men amik je time beli. kuang3~


never ever

den da lame x ukur2 height ni.. huhu~

What are you wearing right now?:
white uncollar tshirt

Where do you live?
live during study (GOMBAK) live during holiday (TANGKAK)

Favourite number:
3 ! ^^

Favourite drink:
air yg sodap!

Favourite month:
January n Syawal..ofcoz

Favourite day:
khamis, jumaat n isnin

Favourite breakfast:
slalu xmkn breakfast, xmasuk.. huhuhu~


Have You Ever

Broken a bone:

Been in a police car:

Been on a plane:
4 times (nak nek lg) huhu~

Been in a hot tub:
penah tp jarang2. sgt best. (blup! blup!)

Swam in the ocean:
yeah! (>_<)

Fallen asleep in school:
school? xpnah! but now(class kat u) kadang2.. heee~~

Broken someone’s heart:
hope not

Cried when someone died?:
nanges dlm ati, air mate xnak kuar.. haha~~

Fell off your chair:
penah, kusi xberkualiti. huhu~~

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
ermm.. (>_<)

Saved e-mails:
delete after read

Been cheated on:
dijauhkan laa~~


What Is

Your room like? :
hotel!! kuang3~

What is right beside you?:
dictionary, fon, fiqh for economistII notes

What is the last thing you ate?:
bykk (Fries, Pizza, Milo ais) kenyang.. lalala~~

Ever Had

Chicken pox:
darjh5, sekse wor~~

Sore throat:
penah kot


Broken nose:


Do You

Believe in love at first sight?:
cptnye jatuh cinta, tipu la tu :-P xcaye3~~

Like picnics:
if went to interesting place y not. hehe~

Wear contact lenses or glasses?
nope~ 19.5/20 hahaha~~



Who was the last person you danced with?:
alwin sufi, die ajak (>_<)

Who last made you smile?:

Who did you last yell at?:
no one


Random Questions

What are you listening to right now?:
senyap la, org nak exam!! :-P

What did you do today?:
study, going out, eat, last tido

Hate someone in your family?:

Diamond or pearl?:
Mahal la, xmoh.. hahaha~

Are you the oldest?:
no, my father, im the eldest.. hehe~~

Indoors or outdoors?
in-out doors


Today did you

Talk to someone you like?:

Kiss anyone?:

Get sick?:
deman exam!!

the song i knoe.. :-)

Talk to an ex?:
ex? no exist

Miss someone of the opposite sex?:

aduss.. kenyang bangat today!!


Last person who

You talked to on the phone?:

Made you cry?:
my self

Went to the movies with?
Frens!! JgnPndgBlkgCgkak

You went to the mall with?
frens n family

Texted you?
ramai, bz person.. kuang3~~

Been to Mexico?

Been to USA?
No need


Final Questions

Have a crush on someone?:
amboi3~ soalan membunuh..

What books are you reading right now?:
Fiqh For EconomistII

Best feeling in the world?:

Future kids names?:
ade da, tp t la, kene bincang2 dulu.. hehe~~

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?:

What’s under your bed?:
beg, modem LAN(member aku punyer), Habuk!!

Favorite sport(s)?:
Bola itu bulat.. wee~~

Favorite place:
Baiti Jannati

Who do you really hate?
org yg nag. dont nag la, get lost!!

Do you have a job?:
penah tlg ckgu aku kat kedai bundle die.. gaji masyuk ma. huhu~

What time is it now?:

nak tagged :
xnak! its mine! mine only.. wekk!!

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░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

blog ini sungguh kuning heheheh otak kuning ka?

ZaHiN said...

oit!! ape plak.. kuning warne diraja la :-P org yg tafsir mcm tu yg otak kuning.. kah3!! (>_<)

♥keen said...

mmg otak dye kuning,tp kdg2 warne warni..ikot ske dye je!

kasi balun sket br jdik merah

joke k. =)

ZaHiN said...

oit, igt ni spektrum wane ke ley tukar kale mcm2. saman kang :-P kuang3~

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